Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

How is that life can be so up and down for people? I don't understand sometimes why things happen the way they do. I have always believed that things happen for a reason, but the reason for whats going on now completely escapes me.

I'm moving. That much you know, if you've read my previous posts. Yesterday, I got approved for an apartment that I found. Rent is good. Landlord was fairly easy to work with. My first months rent will be paid on Aug 6, my deposit will be paid on Aug 20. Not bad.

Except I have no utilities.

The local electric co-op wants a $250 deposit UP FRONT. Never mind that its the freakin' middle of summer and temperatures have steadily been in the 90's here. Nope. $250 up front to turn on the electricity so I can run the fans and air conditioning.

Oh yeah, and the water company wants $75. Up front.

I haven't even talked to the gas company yet. No sense in heating that water up if I don't have any.

I've made a small list of things I can sell that might get me close to that amount, but as of yet, no buyers.

wooden cabinet with glass doors
10-speed bicycle
accoustic guitar
wireless microphones with rechargeable batteries

Sigh. Don't make me throw my gas bbq grill in there too. We may need that to cook on for a week or two.

And my first night in the new place is Thursday night.

So...how is it that I can finally move out, I have a decent place fall right into my lap with a landlord that will work with me, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by the utility companies?

As my girlfriend would tell me, it will work out. And I know it will somehow. It has to. I've come to far to be stopped now.

Suggestions and donations are happily accepted...

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