Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Questions Answered, Installment 5 (after a bit of a delay)

Finally! It took a few days, but I'm finally able to answer your burning questions! So without further ado, here they are....
~BJ~ Lady of the Lake asks, "Do you have a fear of clowns? If so, any particular reason?"

No, no fear of clowns, LOL. You're probably asking in reference of my headline on my Yuwie profile page. (Can't sleep…Clowns will eat me). Truth is I don't always think as quickly as I would like and when I was setting up my Yuwie profile and it asked for a favorite quote, that was the first thing that popped into my head. I think Bart said it on an episode of the Simpsons once.

Feather Plucking Cheetah asks, "Who is on your "list?" As in your list of 5 people (celebrity people, that is) who you could..um..."do" if they came knocking on your door and your wife/sig other have to let you. (as seen on an episode of Friends, years ago.) A free pass, if you will."

You know, I started thinking about this question when I saw it posted the other day. Two people come to mind right off the bat. (Hint: they are former Idol contestants!) But coming up with three more was actually a challenge. I mean, sure its easy to walk down the street or go through my friend list and say, "I'd do her, I'd do her…" To narrow it down though requires some serious thought. So, this is the list I've come up with.

1) Carrie Underwood. I mean, come on. This gal is HOT. She's got a great voice and I would love to make her make some sounds that you don't get out of her in the recording studios. She also looks a lot like one of my ex girlfriends. And yes, I've already been given permission on my end. The trick is getting Carrie to go along with the idea.

2) Kellie Pickler. Yup, definitely up there in my list. I love the personality she presents in public. She's funny and sexy as hell. And I had a sex dream about her once….damn straight she's on this list!

3) Brittany Spears. Yes, that's right. I said Brittany . Say what you want about her, but there's just something there that I find attractive. And not just her boobs, LOL! Besides, if she'll do K-Fed, certainly I've got a shot…

4) Jenna Fischer. (Pam from The Office). Uh huh….its that down to earth quality that her characters seem to portray. Don't need the supermodel hot bod to have a good time. And somewhere under that good girl exterior is a bad girl waiting to get out!

5) Ivanka Trump. Daughter of The Donald. She's cute, smart, sexy as hell…and once daddy found out about it, he'd likely want to buy me off. Yeah, I'd do her.

Cheryl asks, "What made you decide to get a MySpace account?"

Originally, I signed up so I could keep a closer eye on my kids online activities. Then I thought, I could use this thing to promote my karaoke business (I used to own my own business from the mid-90's until the end of 2006). Then I discovered the blogs and all the wonderful friendships that developed as a result. Ahhh Good times!

Soogat asks, "If something gets sucked up by a black hole, where does it go?"

I've been afraid to get close enough to my ex wife to find out.

And, Soogat also asks, "If you had a chance to travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?"

Bali is my dream location. But anywhere with clear blue waters, tropical atmosphere, nearly naked women, and a nice beach to relax on would be my destination of choice.

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