Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beginning a New Chapter in Life

Hello again. I thought I would make a quick post to let you know about something going on in my life. It's been quite some time and I really didn't think I would be in this position ever again in my life, but I am.

And you know what? It's kind of a good feeling, although a little scary at times.

Want to know what it is? (Deep Breath)

I'm attempting to finish getting my degree.

I am 44 years old with 3 kids and a good job. Yet I never finished college. In fact, I dropped out in 1987 after taking only 3 semesters at the University of Missouri and 1 semester at St Louis Community College.

I don't know yet how many credits will transfer over, but I'm starting out by going for my Associates degree in Business. After we see how that goes, I might go my bachelors degree. Like I said, we'll see.

I've signed up for online classes with the University of Phoenix. Originally, I only submitted the request for information from them because I was trying to complete an offer through cashfiesta and earn $50 (complete 4 offers, no credit card required and they send you a check). I figured I would just fill out the form and they would send me an email and maybe I would have to click on a link.

I never expected their office to call me.

I avoided answering the calls until I saw that they weren't going away so one afternoon I went ahead and took the call. The guy on the other end was an enrollment counselor and started talking to me about why I wanted to go back to school and what I was interested in doing. I told him I was just gathering information and wasn't really sure about it, couldn't afford to at this point in time and didn't really have time to take classes somewhere.

He then proceeded to tell me about the online program and financial aid obligations (student loans & Pell grants) and how I would not have any out of pocket expenses (with the exception of getting computer and internet access, which as we all can obviously see isn't much of a problem since I'm online posting this). In fact, if for some reason the financial aid didn't go through, I wouldn't even be starting classes!

So....I took another breath and said, OK. He sent me a link to the online application and a detailed explanation of how to fill it out. I faxed him a couple of forms so that he could request my transcripts from MU and SLCC and see what credits would transfer over.

That was all on Tuesday of this week. Two days ago. Yesterday I heard back from the bank on my student loans. Everything looks good and they are working with the school now to get funds to them. Anything over and above my tuition costs will be sent to me.

I have a new student orientation workshop next week and should begin classes on July 28.

Dear God what have I gotten myself into!

Stay tuned....

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