Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Too Sexy...

Top 36 – Group 1

I'm a little behind on posting this because we're having internet/telephone issues at home. It started Monday afternoon. Got home from work and found that all the pretty green lights on my modem were not on. Ugh. This has happened once before and it resolved itself a few hours later, so I didn't worry too much at first. Then the next morning (yesterday) there was no change so I called mediacom and they said the there were no outages in the area and the earliest they could send someone out was today (Wednesday). So being the minor Idol geek that I am, I kept my notes and brought them to work with me this morning so I could share them with you. Aren't you lucky?

2-Hours! OK, I'm not complaining or anything, but why doesn't Heroes give us 2-hour episodes??? Just sayin...

Billboard Hot 100 Night and we got started right off the bat after a brief explanation of how things will work this year. Of course, I’m anxious to hear those words “after the break” because I just got home and I have to run back outside for a minute.

So here it is: Top male, top female, and the next highest vote getter advance to the top 12. Yes, I know that puts us at 9, but there will also be 3 wildcards added to the mix later on. If you’ll remember back to season 2, Clay Aiken was a wildcard.

I’m going to try to do things a little different this year. I’ll summarize the acts like I usually do, but I’m going to try not to invest myself emotionally in the singers until we get to the top 12. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to predict who stays, it just means I won’t let cleavage influence my vote. Not yet, anyway…

Jackie Tohn: A Little Less Talk and A Little More Action or maybe it’s Satisfy Me? I don’t know. Didn’t Carrie do this song back in season 4? Not bad, not bad…started a little lackadaisical for me, but she got into it and finished strong.

Ricky Braddy: Slows it down with something by Leon Russell. Sorry, I’m not familiar enough with Leon to know the title of this one. Nice voice, good tone, like Randy said. But I thought it was boring.

Alexis Grace: Never loved a Man by Aretha Franklin. Another good voice, but at this level, shouldn’t they all have good voices? Great job, but like Ricky, I don’t know if its enough for America to vote her through. Simon liked her.

Brent Keith: The Nashville Star contestant; is he this year’s token country act? He does Hicktown and tries to rock it out, but I think there were better song choices to rock out with country. Paula gives props to Josh Gracin and Bucky Covington :) Simon proves yet again he knows nothing about country music.

Stevie Wright: Bringing some Taylor Swift tonight but I’m not sure it worked for her. She seems to have problems with the lower register and I think she’s going to leave a lot of people disappointed.

Anoop Desai: Noop Dawg! Song choice is Angel of Mine by Monica; A good song choice for him, but another one of those calm, soothing songs that doesn’t get your blood pumping.

Casey Carlson: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by the Police. This performance had train wreck written all over it, in my opinion. I agree with Randy, I like the song, but wow…it just didn’t work. Simon said she couldn’t have chosen a worse song. I say she could have. Right Said Fred, anyone?

Michael Sarver: I Don’t Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw; I think the nerves kinda took control at the beginning as something just didn’t sound right, but looks like he chased them away midway through the song. Still a little all over the place in spots.

Anne Marie Boskovich: Natural Woman. This was an interesting choice. My first thought was that it might be too safe. But I think it may have worked for her. Ted Danson seemed to like it. Randy wasn’t so sure though. Simon thought she may have blown it.

Stephen Fowler: Rock with You by Michael Jackson. Finally something with a beat to it! He’s got the voice for this song, but he sounds too tentative. Come on, when is someone going to bust one out?

Tatiana Del Toro: Laughing girl; Saving All My Love by Whitney Houston. Historically, contestants doing Whitney’s songs get sent home early. But I’m a little concerned tonight. Because just before she came out on stage, Tammy and I had this exchange:

Me: Laughing Girl is next.
Tammy: I’m dreading it.
Tammy: I hope she bombs out
Me: You know she will.

And then, she pulls this song out and despite the criticism from the judges, I thought she knocked one out of the park.

Danny Gokey: Singing Hero by Mariah Carey. What’s with all the iconic artists tonight? Did anyone else have visions of David Cook during this performance? He handles this one quite well, I thought and has strengthened his position as an early favorite. Best performance of the night.

Just a thought though, but I’m wondering why nobody tried to do Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood? And if you are sitting there watching this and thinking, “I’m missing Scrubs for this?” you can relax…both episodes of Scrubs were repeats tonight.

So based on tonight’s performances only, here’s who I thought had the best night:

Top Male: Danny Gokey
Top Female: Tatiana Del Toro
Next Highest vote getter: Toss up between Jackie Tohn/Anne Marie Boskovich, with a slight edge to Jackie.
Fortunately, I also think voters will realize that Tatiana is too annoying to stay in the competition and not vote for her, opening the door for both Jackie and Anne-Marie to advance.

So its on to Wednesday night and the results show. So, I leave you with this….

I’m too sexy for my shirt…too sexy for my shirt…so sexy it hurrrrtttsssss….

Come on, sing it with me…

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