Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heroes: Save the Blogger, Save the World

Tonight, we are diving deeper into the 4th volume of a show that many outlets seem to have given up on. EW.com does weekly wrap ups of several shows, which up until this volume (Fugitives) included Heroes. But now they aren’t doing the wrap up of Heroes, so here I am, attempting to fill the void…

When they left off last week, the tables had turned on Noah Bennett as he found himself drugged and captured by Peter Petrelli, Matt Parkman, and the rest of the good guys. Additionally, Uber-Villain Sylar, whom we thought may have found some redeeming qualities a few weeks ago until he sliced open his girlfriend’s head, saved another person with abilities from an all-expense paid trip to internment camp. The person, a young boy with knowledge of the whereabouts of Sylar’s birth father, is continuing to accompany Sylar in his quest.

Chapter 4 – Cold Wars

We open tonight in Costa Verde, CA, where Parkman and Suresh meet up with Peter at a hotel complex where they are discussing what to do with Noah. Parkman is convinced Noah is too well trained to be handled easily. This apparently is in preparation for the capture of Noah, where he is sitting in a hotel bar sipping on a drink. Noah is taken back to the hotel where he is tied up. Parkman is using his mind probing ability to see into Noah’s past, and witnesses a meeting between Noah and Angela Petrelli as they discuss the destruction of Primatech Paper, Noah’s former employer. Angela gives Noah a watch, possibly as a reward for meritorious service? Somehow I doubt that. Angela tells him to go home and take care of Claire, and take care of himself. Matt jumps out and decides what he must do next with this pseudo-mind meld.

Back at Senator Nathan Petrelli’s Internment Central headquarters, Nathan speaks with his Agent Danko to discuss their next moves as well. Nathan doesn’t like what he hears as he asked the agent, “Are you spying on me?” (Imagine a bad DeNiro impersonation here)

Suresh urges Parkman to reconsider what he is doing to Noah, calling it torture. Peter and Parkman defend the actions and win the argument as Parkman re-enters Noah’s mind. This time it’s a memory of Noah sitting at home, and it’s the day that Nathan informs Noah of his plans to round up people with abilities. Nathan assures Noah that Claire could be an exception to the round up…if he is willing to help. Noah takes Nathan to a warehouse where there are boxes and boxes of documents, weapons…and information.

Matt is back out and reveals what he has learned to Peter and Suresh. Again they argue about what they are doing and Matt writes down the combination to the storage facility from Noah’s mind. He offers it to Suresh, but he doesn’t take it. Instead, Peter grabs the info and goes to check it out. Upon Peter’s arrival, he opens up a crate and says, “Jackpot”. Little does he know that the room is bugged with cameras and his brother’s army is watching, uttering their own word: “Gotcha”.

Senator Petrelli orders the men to capture Peter and Agent Danko tells his men: “Phasers on stun.” They arrive to pick up little brother and Peter flies away like a bird.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Noah swears he won’t let Parkman back inside his head, but Matt succeeds anyway and he witnesses another meeting with Noah, Nathan, and the lead agent. Following the meeting, Noah finds his way into a cab being driven by Mohinder Suresh. Noah is telling Suresh about Nathan’s program and Matt is back out, asking Suresh about the meeting. The questioning doesn’t go well as Suresh’s super strength kicks in and Matt is thrown across the room. The two men argue and when they are done, they look over and Noah is gone. Matt and Mohinder take off in search of Noah, who is seen trying to break into a car to make his escape. Unfortunately for him, Peter manages to drop in on him before he can hot wire the car.

Peter and Matt continue to question Suresh who says yes, Noah told him about the plan, but that he didn’t believe him. Matt goes back into Noah’s head where he learns about another meeting between Noah and the Hunter. Noah has brought the booze and it starts out under the guise of a social call. The Hunter reveals just how much he already knows about Noah and his family, and past involvement with the Company. Noah has advice for Agent Danko, but Danko doesn’t appear to be willing to take it. Matt gives Peter the address to Agent Danko’s apartment and Noah tries to warn him that if he goes, they are all dead. That they are unraveling things they cannot understand. Meanwhile, Nathan & Danko’s army are readying themselves outside the hotel room.

Danko is back at his apartment and he turns around to find Peter standing there, holding a gun on him. Nathan watches on a monitor back at central. Peter and Danko talk and Danko challenges Peter to kill him. He puts his head up against the gun and says go ahead and pull the trigger. Nathan walks in (wtf?) and tells Peter not to do it. Danko says if he shoots, then he wins because the world will know just how dangerous Peter is. Peter fires a shot at Danko and gets him in the arm. Nathan warns him that if he fires another shot, he was signing his death warrant. Peter flies out the window and the swat team storms the hotel rooms in search of Parkman, Mohinder, and Noah. Noah tells Matt that Daphne (the speedster) is still alive and Matt searches Noah’s mind again and verifies the information. Mohinder is waging war in the parking lot against the team of agents who pump enough sedative into him to bring down a bull elephant. Suresh is captured. The agents enter the hotel room and capture Parkman as Noah is released from the chair. However as Nathan is walking Matt out to the vans, Peter drops a smoke bomb into the group of men before swooping out of the sky to snatch up Matt.

Next we are taken to a cell where Suresh is chained to a chair and splashed with water to wake him up so that Nathan can talk to him. Nathan gives him his rhetoric about how his actions have convinced “hardliners” that he is dangerous and should be executed. Nathan says he needs Suresh’s help and shows Suresh a video of Daphne and warns him that these agents will kill Daphne, Peter, and Suresh.

Noah is walking and talking with Danko. Noah tells him he is dedicated to his job, its all he has left. Danko has his full support. Danko leaves and Nathan walks over to a park bench where he sits next to Angela Petrelli. Noah tells her he thinks Danko trusts him now.

We cut to the loft of season 1 Hero Isaac Mendez where Matt is painting a vision of the future in an attempt to find Daphne, but instead he has painted scenes that he can’t believe he is seeing. Peter tells him to relax because he is not a murderer. The camera pans back to show a new scene painted on the floor over a nuclear explosion foreseen by Isaac (season 1 fans should remember this well). The explosion is still there, only in the foreground is the nation’s capitol…Washington DC.

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