Monday, May 24, 2010

So Now What?

Well, today the proof copies of my 3 books arrived for my approval. They look great, and I wasted no time getting online into my lulu account to approve them.

So...where do I go from here? I've fulfilled my dream of publishing a book. 3 books, really, with 2 more in progress. But what does it mean if I can't share that dream with the world? How do I go about marketing my books in a way that does not seem intrusive? Well, advertising is an intrusive business. We are bombarded with advertisements every day - on television, the radio, in the newspaper, and on the internet. How many pop-up ads have you seen today?

As for me, I have a few vehicles for getting the word out. I have this site here at blogger. I have my facebook profile as well as a fan page also set up at facebook for the book It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Murdered. I have a myspace profile, and I have set up a promotional site at for all of my published books.

My dilemma is not so much driving traffic to my websites, but the quality of traffic to those sites. There are plenty of traffic exchange services around the internet that will get people to my pages, but I've found in the past that the traffic it generates is not the kind that translates into sales. I've tried pay per click services in the past with zero results. So perhaps the problem lies in the way my material is presented?

I am open to suggestions regarding changes to the material and finding affordable ways to make my books appeal to those who come to check it out. Perhaps creating a video advertisement for YouTube would help? But how do you create a commercial for a book? Read a passage? Find some actors and actresses to act out a scene?

Seriously, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm listening...and may I suggest reading the book might help spur the thought process? Just sayin.... :-)

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